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  • North Bergen,  NJ
  • United States

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Brands: BEE&YOU

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  • At BEE&YOU, we are dedicated to protecting and preserving bees through sustainable practices. We understand the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem and are committed to ensuring their well-being and survival.

    Bees are not just ordinary insects; they are a keystone species that significantly impact our ecosystem. The loss of bees would disrupt the delicate balance in nature and have negative consequences for various organisms. Bees' vital contribution lies in their ecosystem services, especially pollination. By facilitating pollination, bees support the growth and reproduction of plants, ensuring food security and the preservation of diverse habitats.

    Through our sustainable practices, we prioritize the well-being of bees and the production of high-quality bee products. We engage in contracted beekeeping and fair trade contract models, collaborating with dedicated beekeepers who demonstrate expertise and a commitment to sustainability. Our goal is to establish apiaries in clean areas, far from waste, factories, roads, and pesticide-intensive zones. This ensures that bees have access to pristine water sources and a healthy environment.

    We also take pride in dedicating 1% of our sales profit to initiatives such as purchasing additional hives and beekeeping equipment. This investment directly contributes to the growth and well-being of bee populations, helping them thrive.

    In addition to our commitment to bees, we prioritize the sustainability of our products. Our offerings are eco-friendly and 100% natural.

    We strive to minimize our environmental impact by using sustainable sourcing practices and promoting responsible production methods.

    For more details please check our website : 

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